Friday, February 10, 2006


I pitty anyone that cannot see the humor in this. In a way, there is a philosophical quality to it that speaks volumes.

And no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I will be posting semi-regularly as new stuff comes to mind. Keep checking back.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dark Thought Of The Day: A Slave New World

Who owns you and who controls your life? How much freedom do you have, or think you have? How much freedom does your neighbor have or the person you think is controlling you have? The most important question you should have asked yourself from the beginning is "what is freedom and why can I not take full control of it?".

The answer to the egocentric question is: you do not own yourself. Sure, you can hide behind a flag (an inanimate piece of cloth), country, or whatever you choose, but you do not own yourself. Try going somewhere without a license plate, social security number, or anything kind of special codes that has been issued to you without your permission. But nobody needs or requires your permission to track you because that would defeat the whole purpose of overt and covert espionage in the first place. Those that force you to carry things that identify you by impersonal means only want to make it easier on themselves to identify you in the event that you become the ugly duckling of the whole flock. How unfortunate is it to be just a number, just another way to be unconnected from this world?

You will notice that those who own and control your identification are individuals. Governments are made up of individuals who own themselves and feel you do not have the same rights. They need extra protection from the people they claim to be protecting while you get no protection from their wrath. You are not a political individual; you are a victim a millenia old political chess game.

Perhaps you think yourself free because your political gods let you step inside a little booth every once in a while to select who will control you next. This is really no different than politicians choosing amongst themselves to be dictator over you. You might as well get to choose your own poison or choose the executioner that will destroy you. Politics is a game of control and domination, never freedom. Freedom is only a nice a little pawn used to cow people into accepting different ideas and strategies of politicians. If you live by the sword, you die by it. Such is the same with politics.

People who subscribe to religious ideologies will try to convince me that they are free and those who think otherwise are enslaved by another mysterious figure head. It is very silly to think that some invisible boogie man upstairs is going to grant you freedom when in the same breath such a being claims you must follow edicts and moral codes that violate what your instinctual nature would have you do. Is it not ironic that the very people who claim to be on a first-name basis with these super beings are the ones dealing out commandments and moral edicts that amazingly do not contradict what they themselves believed in the first place? So many lives have been wasted away needlessly because one's imaginary friend and the puppet priesthood of the church claimed innocent people to be a threat to this oh so powerful omnipotent being.

Faith is nothing but a hope against all hope that the world will bend to your will. Such faithful people are just as lost when all else fails and you have nothing else but to let the dice fall where they lay. A wise man hopes things will turn out well but knows better than to expect it to; while a fool has faith and walks off a mountain expecting there to be an invisible bridge there. Such stupid mind tricks never just hurt the individual employing them; they end up hurting everyone.

The main purpose of religion is the same purpose politics serves: not freedom, because freedom is only a vehicle for something more sinister hiding in the basket. Religion does not make martyrs out of the religious people, but the people that religion persecutes in the name of a blood thirsty god or doctrine that demands it. Martyrs under the best circumstances are not heros but just victims of misguided individuals.

Even in our age and time we would like to think that there are heros in this world. The sad fact is that heros never existed and never will. Heros are only for fantasy and only to placate you as you suffer under the whims of others who enslave you. Maybe people do risk their lives for another, but millions more die without the benefit of a self-sacrificing person to save them. In the end, heroic people themselves strive for heros and they are hopeless when they find out that they are the only hero they can count on; and that is not enough in the end.

Fate, destiny, free will... what do these words mean to you? To a sensible person these are just man made constructs designed to confuse people about the status of their lives. Fate and destiny go hand-in-hand, yet those very words are misleading. The good news (and potentially bad news) is that no man's destiny or fate is set in stone. Indeed, until that man breaths his last breath and becomes worm fodder does his fate become sealed. To even speak of fate and destiny presumes that we can know a man's destiny and fate, yet we never know exactly what man will do until his life as at an end. The eventuality of death is the only destiny we can know for certain. Is it ironic that death is the ultimate freedom? In death can we completely escape those that torment us and enslave us, yet we are sentenced to an eternity of purgatory in the graveyard with others that we will never know. Freedom is bittersweet. Perhaps that is why people like the feeling of slavery. At least with slavery you can delude yourself into thinking you have some kind of freedom. But when you are free, you eventually have to come to terms with the reality of the situation; and reality hits free people harder than those who hide behind delusions.

To own oneself means to own everything about you including your own identity. Your identity is that which is a part of you like an appendage that flex muscles whenever you wish yourself to be known to the world. Freedom is taking an unrestricted breath of oxygen that is always in plenty. Take a deep breath sometime and appreciate the freedom you know for certain that you have. Realize that the best freedoms you have in this world are those that others cannot take without your permission. Yet also realize that the grim reaper is the ultimate enslaver and he will take every freedom that mere mortals have failed to take. Others will remember you and you may even be lucky enough to be remembered by thousands and recorded in tombs by the dozen, but father time, as a close relative to the reaper, will ensure that the freedom is taken away from the world eventually.

You might as well realize that you are a slave now and you always will be. We are all slaves to something and what freedoms we have will not always be there. Perhaps the world would be a better place if we all embraced teh freedom we still have in life rather than trying to take another's freedom way just to enhance our own fragile freedoms.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Samhain Is Now Getting Tricked Into Eating Candy Treats

I celebrated Samhain last night, as well as All Hallows' eve. It is amazing how stupid religions like Christianity can take a wonderful pagan holiday and bastardize it so that it is meaningless.

All I see on "Halloween" is parents shelling out their hard earned money for some shitty costume and then buying all these sugar coated candies that are sure to turn kids into fat obese monsters wearing a Power Rangers costume.

What ever happened to remembering the tradition that started it all? Whatever happened to tradition, anyway? Tradition seems to be merely a milestone for a civilization that grows and outgrows itself until one day it eats its own tail like a ouroboros.

Okay, so I have been slacking lately in posts, so there is my belated Halloween post. Happy now? Fuck off.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dark Thought Of The Day: It Is a Sadder World Than We Think It Is

Read the following snippet talking about the now famous Ashley Smith:

After Brian Nichols grabbed a deputy's gun and shot his way out of the courthouse in Fulton County, Ga., killing four people, Ashley Smith was hailed as a hero. Smith, who Nichols took
hostage in her own apartment after his rampage, told police how she convinced him to surrender by talking about God and reading aloud from the book, "The Purpose-Driven Life". Now, Smith is putting out her own book which details how she really got Nichols to cooperate: she gave him her supply of crystal methamphetamine. Smith admits she was a meth addict and had used the drug hours before she was taken hostage. "Do you smoke it? How do you do it?" Nichols asked her when she handed her stash over. She prepared the drug for him so he could snort it. "You gave him drugs, Ashley," she said to herself at the time, but, she says now, "God led me to do that." Smith received $70,000 in rewards for capturing Nichols, and says she no longer takes drugs.
(Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Emphasis mine)

No we can conclude three things from this sad situation:
1) Meth is more useful than some god thingy in resolving a hostage situation,
2) Ashley is a fraud and building her notoriety on a bunch of lies and wishful thinking,
3) and people are stupid enough to buy into happy endings.

The only redeeming factor for the lady is that she finally admitted the truth (only after you have paid around 30 bucks to read her crappy book), which is a lot more than I can say for other self-proclaimed "heroes" out there.

In comic books heroes save innocent people from the threat of bad guys with equal super powers. They make the world a semi-level playing field and they get very little in return for their efforts besides the "Thanks, Superdude, but you destroyed my whole building in the process! Now fuck off!".

In the real world we have bad guys, good guys, and stupid sheep that wonder around aimlessly because they have their own wool pulled over their eyes. The bad guys (e.g., politicians, social institutions, religious cults, etc.) know how to lead the sheep over the cliff. They have been doing so since man first learned to communicate with one another.

We do not have heroes like we do in reality. The comic book heroes have way too much power and do more damage than the bad guys ever could (e.g., Batman kicks the shit out of 30 guys and crashes a few windows just so the Joker won't be able to rob and old lady).

IMO, the real would-be heroes in this world are the ones who can see beyond all the bullshit. The good guys who are able to make people stop being so goddamned stupid. The wise ones who are able to snap the sheep out of their hypnotic states and become productive human beings. Do these types of human beings exist today? They probably do, but they either no longer about the well being of humanity (like me), or they end up getting destroyed by the people who wish to maintain control over the masses of zombies. Depressing, isn't it?

I am not going to offer any useful solutions except to watch the fall of civilization and wait for the opportune time.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yep, Still Alive

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been working on some other projects and other neat stuff to post to this blog that will hopefully entertain you undeserving fans out there.

The only thing that brought me back to the blog was some stupid, retarded spammer with a blog decided to post their stupid website, but disguised it as mixed praise for my blog. Bullshit.

I won't go through my spammer rant again (see previous post on this), but I will just say that I would love to open up a SPAM producing factory; only net spammers make up the meat. Know what I mean?

Friday, September 30, 2005

If god Is All You Need To Escape Social Disasters... You Are Fucked

Special thanks to my pal Cedric for directing me to the above story (click title for the full article) that I happened to miss.

The basic abstract of the article is that societies that don't rely on a god thingy are less likely to have instances of high murder rates, abortion, sexual promiscuity and suicide. Which goes to show that you might have a friend in Jesus, but he sure won't be much help in preventing horrible shit from happening.

So what is my view on this whole thing, given that I happen to like murder, abortion, promiscuity and suicides? I say religious cults (especially ones that glorify death and the afterlife, e.g. Christianity) help level out the population by inducing already stupid people to do stupid things. The only problem with America's favorite death cult is that they also promote having lots of babies, and thus re-supplying the stupid population; thus death and abortion doesn't kill off enough people with the current cult.

So I propose we either reorganize organized religion or come up with our own cult, so that people believe in stupid irrational things, and while destroying each other and themselves because of their irrational beliefs.

Do I hear any candidates to be the next Jim Jones? I'll pass out the Kool-aid.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Spammers Should Choke On Spam

In case my regular readers were wondering (and I know it is only a hand full of you out there), yes, I did happen to notice that some stupid fucker left a comment spam on my last posting.

If you missed it, here is how it went: "Wow, what a great blog, keep up the work [sarcasm dripping out all his/her/its orifice's], I'll bet you and your readers will enjoy this [some stupid scam website that helps pay for his/her drug habit]."

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against spam. I think of the Internet as a human-computer ecosystem like you would find anywhere else. You have predators, prey, stupid fuckers that don't know what they are doing on here, and horny people trying to spread their horniness. It works just like mother nature intended.

Spammers fit into this ecosystem by filling out a particular niche that calls for predators that use trickery; as in bate-and-switch or the lie-in-wait technique. Just watch one of those boring nature documentaries and you'll see what I am talking about. The only problem is figuring out who preys on the spammers and that spammers are slippery little bastards.

The predators that feed off the spammers are usually pissed off people who have either: 1) fell for one of their scams and have a good idea where a particular spammer is; or 2) some ISP with loyal techies that are actually doing their job. Personally, I prefer number one, whenever that rare occasion happens.

Am I going to do anything to that spammer that left a bad comment? No, I just deleted the comment using Bloggers nice tools. And I hope he makes enough money from his website before he dies a horrible death.

Now, if any of you spammers out there want me to help your promote your website (regardless of what scandalous content is on there), I'll happily do that so long as you pay me, and don't hold me responsible for any of my readers wanting to beat your ass because of your website.

Have a bloody day.